To order an original piece of my furniture, contact me via email at or phone (603)242-2345 to start the process.

Important information needed is intended function of the piece, outer dimensions and style proposed.


Pinterest is a great resource for ideas and a way to convey them. I urge my clients to build a board with shapes that interest them. Or start a tearsheet folder from magazines etc.

Shapes are the most important thing to focus on at this stage. In addition to looking at furniture that serves the function you need to fill, also browse images of other categories. You may see a design element or shape that appeals to you, and we could incorporate this into your design.


Each commission is a collaboration between the client and myself.

I will take your your ideas and dimensions and generate a rough sketch of what I understand you are looking for.

If you send me a photo of where the piece will be located in your home, I can incorporate that into the sketch. Don’t worry about any furniture that will be moved later, I can edit them out of the photo.



Forms and functions are discussed, the sketch is refined and a 3d model is generated.

At this point I will ask you to mark the location the piece will be going in with masking tape of the same dimensions.

We want to be sure all of your requirements are satisfied.



Designs are proposed and modified using email and phone conversations.

Using realtime colaberation software, we can view the model in 3d space and discuss design elements and proposed changes.



The final form is agreed upon, and now we can start talking about veneers and finish!




Using the 3d model, we can explore many variations of veneer types and patterns, stains and finishes.





This client was looking for a file cabinet for his home office. The four doors are actually drawers with file hangers.



The top had a 1.5 inch overhang in back, and hanger brackets were used to attach it to the wall for stability.


When you are happy with the design, the price is quoted.

A 50% non refundable deposit is needed before production will start.

40% is due before finish is applied.

The remaining 10% and any transportation costs are due before delivery.


Your piece is then built by hand, each piece sculpted from raw wood to be the correct shape to fit into the jigsaw.

It can take anywhere from four to sixteen weeks to build a piece, depending on size and complexity.

Multiple hardwood and veneer blanks from the same materials used to construct the piece are stained and finished. The samples are delivered to you for finish selection.




The final finish and color is determined by the samples sent to and authorized by you, not the rendering supplied.

The process in short:

  • Initial contact.
  • Phone and email to discuss what you are looking for.
  • Rough sketch.
  • 3d model for shape only.
  • 3d model with wood textures.
  • 50% deposit, sign off on plan design.
  • Construction starts, stain and finish samples are prepared and delivered to you for approval.
  • Photo updates on construction can be sent daily or weekly upon request.
  • Construction finishes, with full photo documentation and or shop visit.
  • 40% payment due prior to stain and finish being applied.
  • Final 10% payment along with delivery charges due prior to delivery being scheduled.


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